What cancer were you diagnosed with? Stage IV NSCLC Adenocarcinoma

At what age were you diagnosed? 32

What has helped you to thrive? Without a doubt my husband, family and friends have been amazing. They have shown me so much love and support. It was quite overwhelming at a good way. I was also given a book by Kris Carr – Crazy Sexy Cancer tips. I read this in the 1st few weeks I was diagnosed and it really helped to shift my head from a place of helplessness to positivity and hope.

Katie's Story

When I was first diagnosed it was like a bomb was going off very slowly all over my life. I was just starting to feel really settled...I had just got engaged, I was thriving in my career, I was planning on starting a family. I had a very full, busy life. After my diagnosis everything stopped and my life completely changed. I had been unwell for several months and by the time I was diagnosed I was very sick. I spent the 1st few weeks rolling from one hospital bed to another. But as the chemo went on I started to feel better and I got stronger. I got married in May and this was a great focus and also a great distraction keeping me busy. May was my target to feel and look healthy for my wedding day, I was determined that cancer would not take this away from me. I had the most amazing day and danced all night.

It was the months that followed this that became harder. Despite going into remission and having a scan result that shows no evidence of cancer I was really struggling. Everyone was saying how happy I should be but I just felt alone and had no direction. I didn’t know what to do next or what to do with my life. With the help of some amazing people I am getting through this.

What I like about Trekstock is that it is run by young adults for young adults. It is the first and only place I have found in the past 10 months within the cancer world where I have felt that I fit in, and as much as I hate that other people my age are going through this, it brings me comfort to hear their stories.